Our services

MARIDIANA has 15 years of experience managing alpaca. In collaboration with ENEA, a national Italian research center, and the Universities of Perugia and Camerino, MARIDIANA has conducted a series of studies on alpaca, including their acclimatization, health, nutrition, behaviour and genetics.

The results of these studies and experience are available to interested breeders.

Merchandising alpaca fiber

MARIDIANA is located at the epicenter of companies specialized in making luxury products of cashmere, mohair and alpaca. MARIDIANA works with these Italian spinners and knitters to process the wool and bring alpaca products directly to market. This closed system eliminates the need for the fiber to pass through many hands, thus enabling the alpaca rancher to retain a greater portion of income.


People interested in investing in alpaca, but have impediments in housing and caring for them can leave the animals to our farm. The cost for the agistment service is Euro 1,5 per day including feeding, housing, shearing and all the veterinary expenses.

On-going support

MARIDIANA makes its know-how available to all those interested in entering this business. To those farmers who decide to enter this exciting field, MARIDIANA offers experience and expertise on an on-going basis. MARIDIANA is available to help prospective breeders in selecting appropriate animals, in making a comfortable environment for them, and in their optimal raising and shearing.